3 Things I Learned Growing Up As A Tech Nerd

“I’ll be going over the main things I learned over my lifetime as a tech nerd, share my viewpoints on society, and explain why we should continue to challenge the very idea of social norms.”

Kids Can Be Mean
Let’s face it — we all know how kids (immature adults too) like to pick on and make fun of people who are different than themselves. Kids who weren’t taught to treat others with respect were/are the absolute worst. In my past, I’ve been picked on and verbally bullied because I would rather play video games and work on my computer instead of playing sports.

Most Kids Deal With Some Kind Of Bullying (Pixabay)

In their eyes I was a real “weirdo” who did things they didn’t understand; therefore, they picked on me for it. Luckily for me — I’ve always been a level-headed kind of person who quickly learned not to let other people’s words or opinions bother me. I’ve had to deal with my fair share of mean people throughout my life, but thankfully, I was never physically bullied for being different.

Just Be Yourself
The most significant thing you can do more than anything is to be yourself — don’t let anyone boss you around and dictate your life. Not your peers, not your friends, and not even your own parents! Who are they to tell you what you like best? None of them are qualified to run your life and tell you who you should grow up to be.

Of course, I’m not telling you to go out and disobey your parents, break the rules, or to cause trouble with your managers at work! What I’m saying has to do with how society views the way you act, dress, and who you are as a person — the social “norms” if you will.

Always Be You And Do Your Own Thing (Pixabay)

If you spend your entire life only trying to please others, then you are not doing yourself any kind of favors. In fact, you won’t ever be happy if you always let everyone else tell you how to live your life. Be unique and don’t be afraid to stand out in a crowd — I learned that rather quickly.

Never Let Social Norms Run Your Life (Pixabay)

No one should ever be afraid of being different because of how society views certain social norms. To this day — I’m still the same nerdy person I was back then, and I wouldn’t change that in a million years. It’s who I am, who I’ve always been, and who I will continue to be as long as I am alive! I’m proud to represent the tech nerd community, and I embrace the idea of being able to do as I please.

Ignore The Naysayers
Trust me — whenever you are doing something different that bucks or challenges the social norms, you will almost always be hit with a wall of criticism. You will constantly be told that your ideas, opinions, and beliefs are all invalid — that you are wrong to pursue this new idea or way of life in the first place. Something you should always remember though — most people act like this because they are either jealous of what you are doing, are scared of change, or just have a one-track mind.

Society Will Constantly Challenge You Every Step Of The Way (Pixabay)

The problem lies with them, and you should never listen to what they say! They are technically bullies themselves because they say mean things to get a rise from you — they want to shut down your plans and be the victor of the battle. Why do people say awful and hurtful things to others in the first place? They only have one thing and one purpose in mind — to have ill intent by causing harm to others.

Be Brave And Overcome Your Fears (Pixabay)

Being able to overcome and ignore all of the hate that comes your way — that’s the most challenging part about going against the social norms as a whole. This very obstacle is what prevents the majority from opening up to others, and is an unfortunate stigma that needs to come to an end! How hard is it to live your own life the way you want and let others do the same? Seriously — how do their life choices actually affect your personal life anyway?

The Wrap-Up
We all have our own set of life goals, challenges, and obstacles to overcome — it’s just a matter of how we deal with them as to what sets us apart as individuals. Society should never dictate how we live our lives or tell us who we should grow up to be. We live in a new age where we have the power over our own lives, our bodies, and our destinies!

Never Be Afraid To Step Up And Challenge Social Norms (Pixabay)

For me personally — I was a tech nerd growing up in the early 1990s, which was still a time when this was extremely uncommon and not accepted by society like it is now. I’ve always dealt with people trying to change who I was, but I never let them take control of my life. Can you believe that it was considered odd behavior to like video games and computers only about 25 to 30 years ago?

Gaming Is Now The Most Popular Form Of Entertainment (Pixabay)

Now, the people who don’t like technology or play video games are the ones that are considered to be the weirdos of society. Not that it really matters who likes what though — we all have the freedom of choice! It’s just an interesting observation about how social norms change and evolve over time. Society is a strange, intriguing, and cruel beast all in the same. Just learn to deal with things your own way and everything will be a-okay!

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