We’ve all seen the headlines recently with articles that say something like “Google Pixel 3 Smartphone Sales Are Down, and They Are Failing Hard.” Here’s the real scoop: Google isn’t trying to beat anyone at anything — they willingly provide smartphone manufacturers with so much free range via AOSP so they can build their own versions of Android. They also supply system level APIs so the manufacturers can implement special hardware features into their customized versions of Android. The fact is, Google wants these manufacturers to go wild with the tools they provide them with — they want to see…

This article will briefly go over the forms of communication that are becoming more popular than traditional phone calls, and why the smartphone name might not represent the actual device itself now and into the future.


More Than Just a Phone
We use our smartphones to interact with a wide variety of media and applications as a form of entertainment, enjoyment, and work. Taking photos, listening to music, checking the weather, interacting on social media, messaging/texting, playing games, checking emails, catching up on the news, watching videos, and banking are all things we now rely on these devices to help us…

This article will describe why trends in technology are necessary, how to better understand their purpose, and how they affect the future of our devices. I also want to address an often talked about trend in 2018 for the smartphone world.


What Role Do Trends Have?
Trends play an essential role in any industry, but the field of technology is often at the forefront of attention. Contrary to popular belief by many people on the internet, trends in technology are not there to upset or hurt the consumer by any means. Companies do not sit around scheming of the next ways…

We use more mobile devices in today’s society than ever before. This article will explain what a mobile device is, some of the most common devices we use daily, and how the world of mobile ties into the Internet of Things.


The Rise of Mobile Devices
Mobile has become of such high demand that it now accounts for more than half of all the devices we use on a daily basis. It is hard to imagine a world now without mobile, but there once was a time that we did not have such luxuries. It was not that long ago when…

Technology has given us many benefits to our daily lives, but it also brought some negative things with it as well. This article will take you through what cybercrime is, examples of it, and how it affects our lives.


The Problem Between Technology and Crime
When we think about the purposes of what technology was supposed to achieve for us, what do we usually mention about it? Most will tell you that the whole idea was meant to make our lives easier and better, which was and is still true in many ways today. …

The idea of robots in the workplace might sound a bit out there and futuristic, but it is already happening. This article will discuss robots in the workplace, some of the advantages, and the potential issues that can arise.


The Future Is Already Here
The idea of having robots in the workplace is no longer just a wild dream like it once was. In fact, many companies have already started making a move forward. …

“This article goes over the current online crisis that we face every single day and what needs to be introduced to help solve these problems.”


Treat Others with Respect
In this day and age of smartphones, computers, and other digital devices, I think we often forget proper etiquette when using the internet to interact with others. Online or offline — no one person is better than another regardless of what anyone tells you. We all have to breathe, eat and drink water to sustain life. We all interact with other humans, and we all have feelings just the same.


“I’ll be explaining why I think YouTube should remove the dislike feature, how it could make a difference, and why it serves no real purpose to the general public.”

Basic Principles, Broken System
I think we all get the general idea behind the thumbs up, and thumbs down feature on YouTube, but it’s a broken system. How many times have you viewed a fantastic video just to witness a seemingly random small number of dislikes? You begin to question just what caused these few individuals to dislike the video in the first place. …

“I’ll be going over the main things I learned over my lifetime as a tech nerd, share my viewpoints on society, and explain why we should continue to challenge the very idea of social norms.”

Kids Can Be Mean
Let’s face it — we all know how kids (immature adults too) like to pick on and make fun of people who are different than themselves. Kids who weren’t taught to treat others with respect were/are the absolute worst. …

“I’ll explain my view on the situation and share why I think true fans should stick by their favorite series no matter what.”

It’s Not Them, It’s You
Whether it comes to video games, TV series, movies, or even books — we always hear about some kind of controversy that seems to upset the fans. Maybe your favorite character died? Or the ending wasn’t what you wanted? You should be able to accept these changes or outcomes without threatening to boycott the series from your life, wouldn’t you agree?

Love Your Series No Matter What (Pixabay)

The developers, creators, directors, and writers are in charge, and they…

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