Never Forget: There’s a Real Person Behind That Screen

“This article goes over the current online crisis that we face every single day and what needs to be introduced to help solve these problems.”


Treat Others with Respect
In this day and age of smartphones, computers, and other digital devices, I think we often forget proper etiquette when using the internet to interact with others. Online or offline — no one person is better than another regardless of what anyone tells you. We all have to breathe, eat and drink water to sustain life. We all interact with other humans, and we all have feelings just the same.

Somewhere along the lines people either forgot or don’t care about wanting to “treat others like you would want to be treated.” According to all of the hate and dysfunction in the online world — people want to be treated like garbage in exchange for the other party to address them in the same manner? That is absurd and needs to be addressed if we should ever hope to live in a world where we can all get along.

We Need Laws and Regulations
A good majority of these online bullies would never say or do such adverse actions directed at someone face to face in real life, but even that has its limitations. The people you have to watch out for are the ones who display their real name and profile photo and still act out online. They do not give a damn that you know exactly who they are and what they look like — they will still cause disruption. That is extremely dangerous, destructive, and unacceptable behavior! It goes to show you what kind of person they are in real life — the true colors of that individual. These people will bully others, hurt feelings, start wars, and spew insults just for the heck of it. They treat the entire situation like a daily ritual, a routine, and a regular part of their lives, which is appalling beyond all reasoning.

These are genuinely some of the most disgusting and vile human beings of them all. They will seek you out and purposely try to break you down and damage your entire being just because they can — in real life or online. I firmly believe that we need a police force explicitly designed to find, stop, and engage in the online world of crime and disruption. Imagine how police officers drive around in our city streets looking for physical events or altercations to investigate on the spot. Now imagine a world where we have that same patrolling process of upholding the law but online at all times — especially when it comes to social media. Their sole purpose would be to seek out crimes and bullies in the digital world.

The Online Hate Must Stop
Let’s face it — in this era of being digitally connected all the time it is no surprise that many crimes (especially hate) are conducted online instead of offline. For many offenders, it is so convenient and straightforward to fire off a bigoted comment on social media or to share a post with millions of others around the world at any given time. In fact — most of the problems usually begin online, start gaining much attention through social media interactions and then spews out into the real world like a terrible disease.

The number of online bullies has increased over the years and is something that needs to be dealt with once and for all with great urgency. The extreme level of hate and bullying have now gotten so out of control that people end up taking their own lives because of being targeted so much. It is awful and makes you wonder how these sad excuses for a human being sleep at night by hurting others.

Bring down That Hammer
In real life, if someone acts out or verbally abuses someone, then that individual can be arrested for disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct, depending on the situation. Why do the same rules not apply online as well? Someone needs to look into that — otherwise, the online world will continue to be a troublesome place for everyone. Why do you think many of these people resort to crimes and bullying online instead of the real world? It is easy, accessible, and most of all there are no actual laws or regulations in place to patrol the online world as we do offline in real life.

Once we start implementing some real punishments for these online scum who hurt others, then maybe we can start enjoying life in the digital world once again. The internet had been created for good, but as usual — some awful and disgusting people ruined it for everyone and created something out of it that was never meant to be.

The Wrap-Up
Never is it acceptable to bully, cause harm, or hurt others — it does not matter if it is offline or online. Many of the problems now spawn from social media and our lives online, and we need laws and regulations to combat these situations that come up. Some might say that getting the law involved to maintain the peace in the online world might violate our right to free speech — others might even bring up privacy concerns all the same. Until everyone can start acting like civil human beings, I think those rights have become invalid a long time ago in our lives online.

You can thank all of the people who have such anger and hatred towards others that they feel the need to cause chaos and discord. If you are purposely causing people to have mental breakdowns and potentially taking their own lives because you enjoy watching them squirm, then you have no rights. Period. Start patrolling the online world just like we do in the real world and maybe things will get better. If we do not do anything, then nothing will ever get done. We must act now and rid this world of such awful behavior!